July 4, 2016

About iWP


What we are – About iWP, is a Filipino company based in Cagayan de Oro City Philippines. An I.T. Company with dynamic developers who shares the same passion in developing Websites, Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Software.

What we do – We focus in fully meeting our clients’ requirements, specifications and needs. From planning, we gather ideas and give our technical advice, therefore we don’t limit our commitment to our basic services but we also commit ourselves in doing our best in helping businesses to be more successful.

We make sure that our project outputs are effective and efficient through systematic development process. Before deployment, the system will undergo thorough quality assurance procedures. Most importantly, we give advice to our clients during and after development, and continuous support even during clients’ actual operation. The best part is at Innovative Web Provider, our business is to grow your business.

Our History

iWP is a Filipino home grown company, located in Cagayan de Oro City Philippines. With its first domain name iWebProvider.com, it was envisioned since 2008 by Mr. Mark A. and was formally established in 2011. The company was launched as a Website, Web Application and Software Development company on May of 2011.


To develop effective websites and functional web applications using the latest and highest standards in development that are customized to meet clients’ needs and requests.


We envision that various Business Enterprises will use our Web Application Products for the enhancement of their business operations.

How we do it?

Our team provides complete solution from planning, design, implementation and testing of the program. We don’t just develop and design in an organized manner, our way in development also follows the Universal Markup Language (UML), Agile SCRUM development approach and comprehensive documentation process. We also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that people can easily search your business name and connect with you.

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